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OUR favorite Suggestions

Luxembourg is filled with hidden, authentic beauty that is longing to be explored!

  1. Explore the Grund

  2. Have a Drink at Scott's Pub

  3. Visit a Medieval Castle

  4. Hike through 'Little Switzerland'

  5. Go on a Winery Tour

SITEs and Experiences

Luxembourg City

The Grund: This beautiful quarter of the city is impossible to miss. It is situated in a deep valley on the banks of the Alzette River, below the bustle of downtown Luxembourg City. Take in the breathtaking view from the top before making your way down into the valley. The Grund offers no shortage of quaint ambiance, beautiful architecture, and great spots to relax. Not to mention, some of our favorite bars in the whole city are located down here!.

Place d'Armes: The main square in the heart of the city is an integral part of the city's pedestrian zone. The plaza is lined with restaurants and cafés, all of which have outdoor terraces which are a fixture in the summer. Visiting music groups and bands entertain the masses with concerts on the plaza’s central stage every summer evening. The plaza hosts a flea market on the second and fourth Saturday of each month, and in December it houses the annual Christmas market. There are plenty of ways to spend some time and enjoy this lovely plaza!

Grand Ducal Palace: This beautiful royal palace is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. This building showcases one of the city's most beautiful and recognizable façades, and is situated right in between the Grund and Place d'Armes. You can soak in its beauty across the pedestrian way at the Chocolate House with some of the most delicious chocolate treats you can find in the city. From mid-July until the end of August, you can visit the inside of the palace on a guided tour. 

Notre Dame Cathedral: This stunning Roman Catholic cathedral, which was built in 1613, is the only cathedral in the entire country of Luxembourg. This Baroque style church is a very fine example of late gothic architecture, while it also showcases many elements and adornments of the Renaissance. There is no charge to enter this cathedral, and a gander through the interior is one to remember.

Gëlle Fra: The Luxembourgish translation for 'Golden Lady', this monument commemorates the many Luxembourgers who volunteered to serve in both of the World Wars as well as the Korean War. The obelisk monument is topped by a bronze statue of Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory. The statue depicts her holding out a laurel wreath, as if symbolically placing it upon the head of the entire nation. The monument is located mere steps from Notre-Dame cathedral in Constitution Square.



Our favorite bars & restaurants in Luxembourg City

Don't let this tiny European capital's size fool you - Luxembourg City is filled with a multitude of amazing restaurants and lively bars that are sure to fill your evenings spent in the city with memorable experiences. German and French influences find their way into the kitchens, and you don't have to look far for delicious Luxembourgish beers and wines. One of the charms of this country is the authenticity that you will find everywhere you'll go, and that is no better exemplified than through a fun-filled night out in the city. These are our top recommendations for bars and restaurants in the city.



Scott's Pub

The Grund

Scott's Pub is a MUST for those looking to enjoy a drink. Located right on the banks of the Alzette, the terrace at Scott's goes unrivaled in ambiance, and is always full of life. One of our favorite spots in the entire city!

Café des Artistes

The Grund

This tiny piano bar in the heart of the Grund is truly a hidden gem. On most nights around 10:00, pianists come to showcase their skills to the patrons. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a candlelit piano performance.

UpDown Bar

The Grund

The outdoor patio at the front of the entrance is one to soak in and enjoy. Be sure to head down to the lower level inside the bar too, where you can find an underground cave with its own bar and a handful of dart boards.




The Grund

Located directly across the street from Scott's Pub in the Grund, Bosso specializes in German-style cuisine. Their spatzle dishes come highly recommended, and Bosso is also vegetarian-friendly.

Am Tiirmschen

Ville Haute

Hidden within the depths of Ville Haute, this classy restaurant couples a unique atmosphere with delicious French and German cuisine. If you're looking for an authentic Luxembourgish dish, give the kniddelen a try.

Red Beef

Place d'Armes

If you're in the market for a delicious French steak, Red Beef is the place to be. With an outdoor seating terrace located in the heart of Place d'Armes, an evening spent here is sure to impress you.

Lux City S&E
Lux Country Exclusive

Outside of Luxembourg City


Bofferding Brewery Tour: One of the most popular beers in the country, a nice refreshing Bofferding is sure to reach your hands at some point during your stay in Luxembourg. Their national brewery is located in Bascharage, a small town located about 25 minutes southwest of the capital city. A tour of the brewery costs €15 (must be ages 16+) and a prior reservation must be made online at the Bofferding website. The tour lasts about two hours and concludes with a tasting in their tap room, where you can sample all of their different beers. Prost!

Domaines Vinsmoselle Winery Tour: If beer isn't your forte, Domaines Vinsmoselle offers some of the most delicious wine and Crémant that can be found in the region. There are many different ways to schedule a tour or a tasting, but the general guided tour costs €45 per person and it includes a tour through the winery, a tour through the vineyard, several glasses of wine to taste, and a lunch or dinner to conclude. For more detailed visiting options and pricing info, check out their website.

Castles and Fortifications: With a multitude of medieval castles and fortifications spread throughout the countryside, the history of past Luxembourgish lords and lieges beckons to be revisited. There are over fifty castles and picturesque villages scattered throughout the country, most of which have been fully restored to reflect their former medieval beauty. Some of our favorite castles to visit include those in Vianden, Bourscheid, and Clerveaux. More information on visiting specific castles can be found on Luxembourg's official tourism website.

Mullerthal Region: Nicknamed 'Little Switzerland' for its geographic similarities to Switzerland, this region is a nature lover's paradise with its beautiful green and hilly landscapes. Hikers can head outside and explore the Mullerthal Trail, which stretches over 112km and captures all the natural beauty that can be found in the region. More information on the trail and its various routes and pathways can be found here. While you're in the region, you can take a stop by the town of Echternach, the capital of the Mullerthal Region and the oldest town in Luxembourg. This town is settled right on the border with Germany, and is a lovely city to get lost in and explore. On the northern edge of the city, there is a bridge that crosses over the Sûre River into Germany, and it provides a cool photo op with the country's welcome sign. 

Luxembourg American Cemetary: This 17-acre cemetery holds over 5,000 service members, many of whom lost their lives in the famed Battle of the Bulge in World War II. The grave of esteemed American general George S. Patton can be visited here. The cemetery is open daily from 9am to 5pm (except on the dates of 25-Dec and 1-Jan) and is located in Hamm, a small town less than 6 km away from the Luxembourg city center. The memorial is open to the public and is free of charge; more information can be found here

Outside Lux City
Arriving in Lux

Practical Information

Arriving In Luxembourg



Luxembourg Findel Airport (LUX) is the only international airport in Luxembourg, and is located approximately 6 km east of the Luxembourg City city center.

Terminal A - If you are arriving on a plane that isn't a LuxAir regional jet, chances are you'll be arriving in Terminal A. There are currently 15 international airlines serving Findel airport, the busiest routes outside of LuxAir being on TAP Air Portugal (via Lisbon, Porto), British Airways (via London), and Lufthansa (via Frankfurt, Munich)

Terminal B - A much smaller terminal than Terminal A, this terminal was primarily built for small passenger planes that carry less than 50 passengers. This terminal is mainly used for LuxAir's Q400 fleet.


LuxAir is the flag carrier of Luxembourg and houses its hub at Findel. LuxAir servers 64 destinations, primarily throughout Europe. LuxAir holds the largest share of Findel's total passenger volume, accounting for about 50% annually.

Getting to the City from Luxembourg Findel Airport

Bus - As of 1 March 2020, all public transportation within Luxembourg is free (yes, free!) for both locals and visitors alike. The only public transportation option from the airport to the city center is via bus, but there are a couple of different bus lines that you can utilize to get to the city. Bus 16 and Bus 29 both take you to the main train station, dropping you off at either Gare Centrale (Bus 16) or at Gare Rocade (Bus 29). Both busses run daily and you can find additional information and timetables here

Taxi - Fares vary and are set by the driver, but Luxembourgish law requires that passengers are able to visibly see their pricing metrics. Uber does not service within Luxembourg. You can find a detailed breakdown of the government's regulations and requirements regarding taxis by heading here

Rental Car - The car rental companies that serve Luxembourg Airport include Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt. All of the car rental counters can be found on Level -1. 


Train Station - The main central train station in Luxembourg City is Gare-Central station, and is where you would likely be arriving on an international train. There are a handful of international train services that arrive daily from Luxembourg's bordering countries. 

From France

SNCF - France's national railway operator services multiple daily direct TGV trains that link Paris Gare de l'Est station with Luxembourg in 2h 15m, with fares starting from €45. There are also direct TGV links with Lyon (5h 40m from €55), Dijon (4h from €49), and Strasbourg (1h 45m from; €19). Multiple cities in northeastern France, such as Metz and Nancy, also have direct links on TER lines for fares that begin from under €20. If you are coming from major cities in southern France (Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, etc.) you would likely be connecting through Paris.

From Germany

Deutsche Bahn (DB) - There are two major German cities that service multiple daily direct lines to Luxembourg on the Deutsche Bahn regional railway network: trains from Trier last around 45m with fares beginning from €4.90, while trains from Koblenz last around 2h 18m with fares beginning from €25. There is also one daily direct service from Cologne (Köln) departing at 14:17 for fares from €21. If you are coming from other major German cities (such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, etc.) your journey would be connecting through Koblenz, Trier, or Cologne on your way to Luxembourg.

From Belgium

SNCB - There are hourly InterCity trains on Belgium's national railway company that link Brussels Midi station with Luxembourg in about 3h 15m for a standard fare of €21.50 - these rates are fixed and tickets are available in an unlimited amount, so there is no need to worry about price hikes. Tickets are also good on any train that departs on that same day, so you aren't confined to one specific departure time. There is a nice discounted youth ticket offered on this route for only €9.10 for those aged 15-25. Travelers coming from other major Belgian cities in the north (Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent) would connect through Brussels on the way to Luxembourg. 

Public Transportation Within Luxembourg


On 1 March 2020, Luxembourg officially became the first and only country in the  world to offer free public transportation within the entirety of its borders. There is no catch - all public trains and busses are completely free of charge for all residents, cross-border commuters, and tourists alike. With that being said, public transportation is a very cost-effective and reliable way to get around, even if you are looking to explore other areas of the country outside of Luxembourg City.

The best way to get your information on the various routes and timetables of the Luxembourgish public transportation system is through the platform. They offer both a desktop version of the platform as well as a mobile app for both Android and iOS, which makes planning super easy while on the go. The platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate - simply input your starting and ending locations and the app will provide you with all of the available public transportation options that you would be able to utilize to get to your destination. The screenshots below show the interface of the mobile app. As an example, let's say you wanted to see the various public transportation options that you would have if you wanted to take a day's visit from Luxembourg City out to the Bofferding brewery in Bascharage. By simply entering your starting location, desired destination, and time of day, the app shows you the various options that you would have to choose from. Once you see an option that best suits what you are looking for, simply give it a tap and the details of the trip will expand. When you're ready to go, just hop on and enjoy the ride - no tickets necessary!


Once you have selected the option that best suits what you are looking for, you can see the expanded details of your trip. This train departs Gare-Central station from platform 3ab at 1:50pm, has 5 intermediate stops, and arrives at the Bascharage train station at 2:09pm.

This page was last updated on February 27, 2021

Public Transport in Luxembourg
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