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Founded in February of 1999, the Oneworld alliance has grown to become a major player in the global airline industry. With 14 full members and 15 affiliates, the Oneworld network has an annual passenger count of 530 million people and stretches across 1,000 airports in over 160 countries. Oneworld offers a three-tier loyalty program (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) that gives the frequent flyers of its airline network the opportunity to earn a variety of benefits, including priority check-in & boarding, extra baggage allowance, lounge access, and more. Scroll down below for more information on Oneworld.



Oneworld has 14 full member airlines, which include some of the world's most recognizable brands. Click below to find out more information on each member.

Alliance at a glance

Oneworld offers a three-tiered loyalty program; frequent flyers have the ability to earn Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald status, all of which come with their own privileges and benefits. All benefits shown below are in conjunction with any benefits you may enjoy via your status with your chosen Oneworld member’s frequent flyer program.



  • All benefits of Sapphire

  • First Class lounge access

  • First class priority check-in

  • Fast track at select airport security lanes


  • All benefits of Ruby

  • Business Class airport lounge access

  • Extra baggage allowance

  • Priority baggage handling

  • Priority boarding


  • Business Class Priority Check-In

  • Preferred / pre-reserved seating

  • Waitlist Priority

  • Standby Priority

Head on over to Oneworld's website for additional information about status benefits.

How to earn & Obtaining status

Starting your journey to Emerald status is quick and easy - simply sign up for any member airline’s frequent flyer program and get flying! There is no standalone “Oneworld” frequent flyer program. Rather, membership in any single member airline’s frequent flyer program gives you access to the entire Oneworld alliance network, and there is no need to sign up for any other additional frequent flyer programs other than the one you choose.

Earning status on your Oneworld airline of choice will subsequently earn you status within Oneworld itself. In other words, you cannot simply obtain Oneworld status without obtaining status on your choice airline. So, while you are flying and earning towards your status with your choice airline, you are also actively working towards your Oneworld status.

For example, American's status tier correspondence with Oneworld looks like this:

Oneworld Emerald = AAdvantage Platinum Pro, AAdvantage Executive Platinum

Oneworld Sapphire = AAdvantage Platinum

Oneworld Ruby = AAdvantage Gold

Every airline has their own status tiers and elects how those status tiers correspond with Oneworld status. It is a good idea to become familiar with how your choice airline sets its status correspondence.

The best part about airline alliances is that you don’t need to fly exclusively on your favorite airline's metal in order to earn miles/points towards your status. Members of any frequent flyer program can earn miles/points for flying with any other member airline, regardless of where in the world they may be traveling.

For example, an American AAdvantage member would be able to earn AAdvantage miles while flying on a British Airways operated flight from London to Amsterdam by simply entering their AAdvantage number when booking their tickets.

Because this flight will earn you AAdvantage miles, it will count towards your AAdvantage status, which in turn will count towards your Oneworld status.

Customers are able to sign up for more than one member airline’s frequent flyer program, but since each of these programs are managed independently, miles and points that are earned with different airlines cannot be transferred to other airlines or combined together in any way. It is recommended choosing one frequent flyer program through which you would like to earn and using it every time you fly, as this will help you obtain your status much faster.

LOUNGES & Lounge Access Policy

The Oneworld alliance network is responsible for over 650 airport lounges around the world that its frequent flyers can enjoy before departure on any Oneworld member airline operated flight. Both Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire status holders are eligible to gain access through their status, while premium cabin travelers on Oneworld operated flights are also able to enjoy access as well. See below for the full breakdown of Oneworld’s lounge access policy:

Lounge Access via Oneworld Status

Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire status holders are eligible to enjoy complimentary lounge access at the airport of departure when flying on a Oneworld member airline operated flight. Access for Emerald and Sapphire customers varies slightly:

  • Emerald status holders can access First Class, Business Class, or frequent flyer lounges.

  • Sapphire status holders can access Business Class* or frequent flyer lounges.

Both Emerald and Sapphire members are allowed to bring one guest into any lounge free of charge, given that the guest is to also be flying on a Oneworld member airline operated flight on the same day. Eligible customers and their chosen guests will be required to show their boarding passes upon entry into the lounge.

* excluded lounges include all Qantas Domestic Business lounges

Lounge Access via Premium Cabins

Those traveling in either First or Business Class on Oneworld member airline operated flights are eligible to access airport lounges of equivalent class (i.e. First Class passengers have access to First Class lounges, and Business Class passengers have access to Business Class Lounges). First Class passengers will also inherently be eligible to access Business Class lounges or frequent flyer lounges where First Class lounges are not available. Only First Class passengers are allowed to bring a guest* into the lounge, and that guest must also be flying on a Oneworld member airline operated flight on the same day. 

* children under the age of two do not count as guests when traveling with an eligible adult into lounges

There are a few exceptions to the aforementioned access policy that are explained in detail below...


  • All British Airways Concorde Lounges are excluded from the Oneworld access policy, as well as Qatar Airways Al Safwa First and Al Mourjan Business lounges at DOH and Premium Lounges at LHR and CDG.

  • Regardless of their status, American Airlines AAdvantage members do not have access to Admirals Club lounges when traveling solely on domestic flights within the US. AAdvantage members also do not have access to Admirals Club lounges when traveling between the US, Canada, Mexico (except for Mexico City), or anywhere in the Caribbean. Admirals Club access is a little unique in its own right, and you can find American’s full independent lounge access policy here.

  • Alaskan Airlines First Class passengers are eligible for access into the Alaska Lounge; however, they do not have access to any other Oneworld member airline lounges when traveling on North American flights between the US, Canada, Mexico (excluding Mexico City), and the Caribbean. The same can be said for Alaskan Mileage Plan MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K members. Alaska’s full independent lounge policy can be found here

  • Those possessing paid lounge memberships from Alaskan, American, or Qantas are not eligible for access into any other lounges within the Oneworld alliance agreement.

  • SriLankan Airlines FlySmiles Platinum and Gold members do not have lounges access when traveling in Economy class on SriLankan Airlines operated flights from Colombo (CMB) to MLE, GAN, TRV, TRZ, MAA, IXM, BLR, COK, CJB, and HYD (and vise-versa). This also applies for Platinum and Gold members traveling internationally on a flight of less than 5 hours into CMB and connecting to and from any of those above-mentioned short-haul destinations. These restrictions do not apply to other Oneworld Emerald or Sapphire customers. 

Trust us, keeping track of all of these access policies and restrictions can be confusing. Luckily for us, Oneworld has a search engine tool that does all the work for you. Simply enter your airport of departure and the search engine will pull up all partner lounges in that airport and lay out which passengers are eligible for entry. Bon voyage!

This page was last updated on November 13, 2021

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