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A beautiful combination of modern and vintage, Sweden is one unique destination!

  1. Visit the Vasa Museum

  2. Stroll through Gamla Stan

  3. Spend time on Djurgården

  4. Indulge in Swedish Delicacies

  5. Enter Something Here

SITEs and Experiences



Gamla Stan: The literal Swedish translation for "Old Town," Stockholm's old town is located on the island Standholmen in the center of the city. Gamla Stan dates all the way back to the 13th century, and it's cobbled streets and archaic architecture reflect a strong Germany influence. In the center of the town, Stortoget is the main square lines with many iconic façades. Some of the other notable sights in Gamla Stan include the Stockholm Cathedral, the Royal Palace, and the restaurant Den glyden freden which holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest operated restaurant with an unchanged environment, having been in operation since 1722. 

Djurgården: The second famous island within Stockholm, Djurgården has come to be one of the most popular spots in the city for both locals and visitors alike to explore and relax. The island contains many museums (including the open-air museum Skansen), historical buildings, monuments, and extensive areas of forest and parks. The amusement park Gröna Lund is also located on the island. The island is said to attract over 10 million visitors every year.

Skansen: Located on Djurgården, Skansen is the first open-air museum and zoo to have been opened Sweden, dating back to 1891. The museum holds a wide variety of exhibits that cover an area of over 75 acres, and the zoo contains a multitude of animals that are native to Scandinavia. In December, the main central square within the museum hosts an annual Christmas market each weekend. You can find the ticket admission prices to Skansen here

Vasa Museum: Located on Djurgården, this maritime museum houses the 17th century, 64-gun warship named Vasa that sunk less than an hour into her maiden voyage in 1628. The ship stayed at the bottom of the Stockholm Harbor for over 300 years before an independent researcher discovered it was still there. Today, the ship is preserved in its own museum and is over 95% authentic. More information on Vasa can be found on the museum's official website; admission into the museum costs 170 SEK for adults, and is free for those under the age of 18. 

Stadshuset: The Stockholm City Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in Stockholm; not only is the exterior a sight to behold, but the Blue Hall inside the building hosts the annual Nobel Banquet, which takes place following the Nobel Prize ceremony. Both public and private tours of the building are offered year-round; see the official website for more information. For those who do not desire to take a tour on the interior, you can also head to its adjacent park along Lake Mälaren for an absolutely stunning view of Gamla Stan across the water. 

Monteliusvägen: If you're on the hunt for beautiful views and photo ops, a stop up at Monteliusvägen is sure to answer your call! This 500m-long walking path offers a breathtaking view over Lake Mälaren looking towards Gamla Stan and Stadshuset. While you're in the neighborhood, you can also stop by Fotografiska, the popular photography museum in Stockholm. Additional info on the museum, including hours and ticket prices, can be found here.


Practical Information

Arriving in Stockholm



Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) is the largest and busiest airport serving Stockholm, and it located 37km north of the city. Stockholm-Bromma (BMA) is the other main airport serving Stockholm, but is only used by a very small number of airlines. The substantial majority of international air traffic into Stockholm flows through Arlanda.

There are four terminals at Arlanda: 2, 3, 4 and 5. Both terminals 2 and 5 are used for international flights, while terminals 3 and 4 are used for regional domestic flights. 

Terminal 2 - this international terminal contains gates 61-72. The major airlines that serve this terminal include:

  • Star Alliance: Croatia Airlines, United Airlines

  • OneworldBritish Airways, Finnair, Iberia, S7 Airlines

  • SkyteamAeroloft, Air France, Czech Airlines, KLM

  • Non-AllianceeasyJet, Vueling

Terminal 3 - this domestic terminal contains gates 51-59, and was built for smaller regional aircraft. Star Alliance member LOT Polish does operate some flights out of Terminal 3.

Terminal 4 - this domestic terminal contains gates 30-41, and is the larger and busier of the two domestic terminals. The only two airlines that operate out of this terminal are Scandinavian (SAS) and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Terminal 5 - this international terminal contains gates 1-24 and F26-F29, and is the largest and busiest terminal in the airport. The major airlines that serve this terminal include:

  • Star AllianceAegean Airlines, Air China, Austrian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SAS, Singapore Airlines, SWISS, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines

  • OneworldQatar Aiways, Royal Air Maroc

  • SkyteamAir Europa, China Eastern Airlines

  • Non-AllianceEmirates, Eurowings, Icelandiar, Norwegian


Star Alliance member Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) houses a hub at Stockholm Arlanda; if you are a member of any Star Alliance airline's frequent flyer program and are flying SAS into Stockholm, you'll be able to earn miles towards your Star Alliance status.


Budget airline operator Norwegian Air Shuttle also houses a hub at Stockholm Arlanda. For travelers that are on a budget, flying Norwegian can offer you an affordable way to get to Norway.

Getting to the City from Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Train - The quickest and most efficient way to get down to the city from the airport is via the Arlanda Express, which runs non-stop from Arlanda to Stockholm Central Station in 18 minutes. One-way tickets start from 299 SEK, with a discounted price of 149 SEK for youth (ages 18-25), children (ages 8-17), and seniors (ages 65+). You can buy your tickets at the airport at the ticket machines located at the foot of the escalators heading down to the train; you can also buy them online at the official Arlanda Express website

Bus - There are a handful of bus options to get to the city from Arlanda, but the easiest bus route to take is through the express bus operator Flygbussarna. With a separate stop at each of the terminals and departures leaving every 10 minutes, this express bus will get you to Stockholm Central Station in just under 50 minutes. Prices do vary depending on the time of the year you are going to be traveling, but you can find a breakdown of the pricing table here. You can purchase your ticket ahead of time online or at any of the ticket machines found throughout the airport. As an added incentive to purchase your tickets ahead of time, the tickets that are purchased online are sold at slightly lower prices than tickets that are bought at the ticket machines.

Taxi - Taxis can be found at taxi stands that are located directly outside of all terminals. There is a maximum price limit set at 675 SEK for all taxis traveling to Stockholm from the airport. Prices are good for 1-4 people headed to one address. Additional information on taxis to Stockholm from Arlanda can be found here

Rental Car - The car rental companies that serve Arlanda include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, National, and Sixt. All rental car offices can be found at the P2 beta Long-term parking lot. 


Train Station - The main train station in Stockholm is Stockholm Central Station and it is located in the Norrmalm district just north of Gamla Stan and less than 2 km from Stockholm City Hall. A large majority of the passenger volume that flows through Stockholm Central Station is for the Arlanda Express train to the airport, but there are a couple of international trains that serve Stockholm from the capitals of the two other Scandinavian countries that border Sweden.

From Oslo (Norway)

Swedish Railways (SJ) - The national Swedish railway company SJ operates multiple daily X2000 high-speed trains from Oslo Central to Stockholm Central Station in just under 5 hours. You can check the timetables and book your tickets directly through SJ's website (linked above); ticket prices are dynamic and do increase closer to the departure date, so be sure to book early in advance if you are looking to secure the lowest fares. 

From Copenhagen (Denmark)

Swedish Railways (SJ) - SJ also operates multiple daily X2000 high-speed trains that connect Copenhagen Central Station (also written as Köbenhavn H or København H) with Stockholm Central Station in just over 5 hours. These trains travel via the Øresund Bridge that connects Copenhagen to the Swedish coastal city of Malmö. You can check timetables and book directly through SJ's official website. Be sure to remember that prices are dynamic and do increase closer to the departure date.


From Helsinki (Finland)

Tallink- The Finnish cruise-ferry brand Silja Line offers daily overnight ferries departing every night from Helsinki to Stockholm; these ferry cruises last around 17 hours, departing in the early evening from Helsinki and arriving in the morning at Stockholm. Ticket fares begin from €125, and the standard fare includes a cabin (1-4 passengers) with separate beds, a toilet, a shower, and a television. For an extra fee, there are also a handful of upgradable cabin options with additional amenities. All passengers have access to all of the restaurants and shops on board. For additional information, including timetables and booking, head to their official website.

From Tallinn (Estonia)

Tallink- The Finnish cruise-ferry brand Silja Line also offers daily overnight ferries departing every night from Tallinn to Stockholm; these ferry cruises last around 17 hours, typically departing at 17:30 and arriving at 10:30 the next morning. Fares begin from €125.

From Riga (Latvia)

Tallink- The Finnish cruise-ferry brand Silja Line also offers daily overnight ferries departing every night from Riga to Stockholm; these ferry cruises last around 17 hours, typically departing at 17:30 and arriving at 11:00 the next morning. Ticket fares begin from €125.

All of the Tallink ferries outlined above arrive in Stockholm at the Värtahamnen port, located about 5 km northeast of Stockholm Central Station.

Arriving in Stockholm

Train Transportation Within Sweden


Swedish Railways (SJ) - the government-owned national railway operator SJ provides the gateway to traveling within the borders of Sweden. The company is well known for their high-speed X2000 train network that connects many of the major cities within Sweden, as well as major Scandinavian cities with the Swedish capital Stockholm. They also offer InterCity and Regional trains for shorter routes and journeys. You can check timetables and book tickets directly through their website,

  • Tickets for journeys on SJ trains are generally split into two fares: the cheaper 2nd class fare and the more expensive 1st class fare. These fares are dynamic in pricing and do increase as the departure date gets closer, so booking tickets in advance is recommended. Fares are shown in Swedish krona (SEK), and all tickets booked online will be charged in SEK.

  • There are discounts available for youth travelers (ages 7-25), students (with a valid ID), and seniors (ages 65+). You can select any of these categories when searching for tickets, and the discounted prices will automatically be populated.

  • Any tickets that are purchased online can be downloaded onto a smartphone and shown on the train or at the station. If you would prefer to have your tickets printed, you can print them at any SJ ticketing machine by simply entering in your booking reference number. 

  • Tickets are released by SJ in batches four times each calendar year. Exact schedules and dates of the booking period for each ticket batch release are communicated about 2-3 weeks in advance. For additional information on these ticket releases, head to SJ's Frequently Asked Questions page on their website by clicking here

Transport in Sweden

Public Transportation in Stockholm


Stockholm Public Transport (SL) is responsible for all of the busses, metro lines, trams, and certain ferry lines that serve the greater Stockholm regions. There are two types of SL tickets available for purchase: travelcards and single journey tickets.

  • travelcard is a one-time ticket purchase that gives the purchaser unlimited travel throughout the duration of the card; options include 24 hours, 72 hours, and 7 days.

  • single journey ticket also gives the holder unlimited travel, but only for a duration of 75 minutes; if any travel contains interchanges, the final change must be made before the 75 minutes expire. The time of validity is shown on each ticket.

Standard fares for all tickets are reflected through the adult fares, and there are discounted fares for youth (under 20 years old) and seniors (over 65 years old). See the charts at the bottom of this section below for details. Travelcards can be purchased at any SL Center, Stockholm Central Station, and Arlanda Airport. Single journey tickets can be purchased at any of the SL Access self-service ticketing machines or ticket offices at Metro and commuter rail stations. For those interested in purchasing their tickets via the smartphone app, it is available for both iOS and Android and can be found by searching "SL-Journey Planner." The app is free to download; click here for the App Store download, and click here for the Google Play download.

Those planning on traveling via public transportation frequently or for an extended period of time while in Stockholm may be interested in purchasing an SL Access card. This card is essentially a refillable card that you can load all of your tickets onto, whether they be travelcards or single journey tickets. There is a one-time purchase fee of 20 SEK, but once it is purchased, it can be used to load all of your future tickets.  The minimum amount of credit to add is 100 SEK, and you can load up to 1000 SEK at one time. You can purchase the SL Access card at any Metro and commuter rail station or SL Center, and you can refill the cards at any of the SL Access self-service ticketing machines.

For additional information on Stockholm Public Transportation, head to this website.

SL Ticket Pricing Breakdown


Adult fare

Discounted fare

24 hours

155 SEK

105 SEK

72 hours

310 SEK

210 SEK

7 days*

405 SEK

270 SEK

Single journey

Adult fare

Discounted fare

SL Access Card

37 SEK

25 SEK

Machine or App

37 SEK

25 SEK

On Board**

50 SEK

34 SEK

*7 day travelcards are only available with an SL Access card. See above for additional details on the SL Access card.

** for single journey tickets, the only ticket that is available to purchase on board is on tramline 7.

This page was last updated on September 12, 2020

Public Transport in Stockholm
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